Private elementary school students laughing in assembly

Curriculum Overview

We offer classes for Pre-Kindergarten 3 years old through 6th grade. Class sizes are small and intimate, normally between 6-12 students.

Our talented and caring faculty provides each student with rigorous standards, high academic and behavioral expectations, equality, and a solid Christ-centered foundation.

We utilize the challenging, biblically-based, comprehensive Abeka curriculum. It combines academic excellence with captivating lessons that build from day to day and year to year. The content develops character and reinforces Christian values.

Teachers also employ other materials, learning strategies, and organize field trip opportunities which complement their studies.


The teachers and staff host weekly Chapel services for students where they sing and learn biblical concepts.

Troy elementary school students singing Christmas carols

Fine Arts

Students enthusiastically enjoy weekly art, music, and library classes. Music focuses on preparing children as a choir and will be showcased in our assembly programs during the year. In art, we are proud to enter into community contests and very often represent highly in each category and grade level.

Kindergartener painting in art class for Christian academics


Each classroom is equipped with technology access and a safe environment for learning computer skills.

Boy running on playground at CCS Troy


Athletics are a great opportunity for students to be challenged physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Physical Education inspires our students to play their best both as individuals and as a team.

Weather permitting, we allow for at least one recess period during the day as we understand the importance of outdoor play and physical activity in relation to learning and social growth. Health and safety curriculums are also implemented throughout the school year.

CCS parents and students at community event in Troy

Extracurricular & Community

We participate in community programs such as 4-H, seasonal parades, and art competitions as a student body. Our students also enjoy extracurricular activities in our community. It’s fun to enroll in ball, gymnastics, dance, and karate together.